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The “Toodeloo Web Booster” service aims to increase the online visibility of New Zealand-based businesses through a network of dozens of websites. These sites are optimized for mobile and desktop platforms, secured with advanced firewall protections, and hosted on speedy local servers to ensure a high-quality user experience. This service is unique because it’s geographically restricted to New Zealand, reducing spam and focusing on local visibility.

Web Presence Boost Service

How It Works

  1. Optimized Web Presence: Each participating business is prominently featured on the network’s websites, including custom artwork to enhance credibility and engage visitors. This visual and content-focused approach helps make your business stand out.

  2. SEO-Optimized Content: Businesses are listed through SEO-optimized articles, increasing the likelihood of being found via search engines. Each piece of content is unique, including company and product/service reviews, ensuring a broad coverage across different SEO keywords and themes.

  3. Exclusive Access and Content Variety: The service offers exclusivity by not serving competitors in the same industry and geographic region, allowing businesses to target their desired market more effectively. Content variety in thumbnails, graphics, and text across sites ensures a fresh and engaging user experience, aiding in SEO performance.

Cost and Commitment

The introductory price is NZ$295 per month (excluding GST) for the first 30 clients, with a preferred verbal commitment of one year. This pricing model reflects the substantial effort required to maintain the network, including content creation and site management. As the network grows to double the number of sites, early adopters will benefit from extended visibility at no extra charge.

Benefits Over Backlinks

The “Toodeloo Web Booster” distinguishes itself from backlink strategies by focusing on quality content and user engagement rather than merely accumulating backlinks, which are often scrutinized and penalized by search engines. This approach aims to enhance your web presence in a more sustainable and effective manner, avoiding the pitfalls of backlink-dependent SEO strategies that can lead to de-indexing and lost rankings. “Cheap” Backlinks are as good (and dangerous) as you pay for them.

Long-Term Strategy and Updates

Recognizing the evolving nature of search engine algorithms, this service is designed to adapt to major updates, like the anticipated Google changes. By prioritizing high-quality, original content and ethical SEO practices, the “Toodeloo Web Booster” positions itself as a forward-thinking solution for businesses looking to enhance their digital footprint without relying on potentially harmful backlink tactics.

In summary, the “Toodeloo Web Booster” provides a comprehensive solution for New Zealand businesses seeking to improve their online visibility. By focusing on high-quality content, user engagement, and ethical SEO practices, it offers a reliable alternative to traditional backlink strategies, promising a more stable and effective online presence.