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Nutrition & Natural Healthcare

Cush Reid: Good Health through Naturopathy

Cush Reid transformed her life by turning to natural health after her health deteriorated due to corporate stress and the needs of her newborn. Qualified in Nutritional Therapy, Herbal Medicine, and more, she combines her business acumen with a deep understanding of human science to treat complex health issues effectively. Her approach integrates scientific knowledge with natural healthcare to restore health and vitality.

  Industry: Health & Beauty Services

Contact Details:

Telephone: 027 421 4900
Service Areas: Upper Hutt, Carterton, Greater Wellington Region, Kapiti Coast, Lower Hutt, Masterton, New Zealand, Online Orders, Porirua, South Wairarapa, Wellington

Meet Cush Reid: Your Dedicated Naturopath in Wellington

Transformative Journey Towards Natural Health

Cush Reid's journey as a Naturopath in Wellington began when her health was severely impacted by two decades in the corporate world, coinciding with the birth of her youngest child. This pivotal moment drove her to delve into her longstanding interest in natural health and the mind-body connection, seeking solutions for her own health issues and those of her child.

Comprehensive Qualifications and Expertise

Cush is highly qualified in various disciplines including Nutritional Therapy, Functional Evaluation, Herbal Medicine, and Advanced Test Analysis. She also specializes in Fitgenes, Neuromuscular Therapy, Life Coaching, and BodyTalk. Her extensive training in Human Science, Disease Processes, and Biochemistry equips her with a robust scientific understanding of health, complemented by her ongoing passion for learning and knowledge enhancement.

Unique Approach to Naturopathy

At her Wellington naturopathy clinic, Cush applies a functional medicine approach, thoroughly addressing the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and social aspects of health. Her goal is to unearth the root causes of any health issues and work towards restoring optimal health and balance. She utilizes a wide array of functional tests such as stool analysis, hormone testing, and more to inform her treatment plans.

Specialized in Complex Health Issues

With a background in business analysis, Cush Reid applies her analytical skills to tackle complex and challenging patient cases, paving the way for effective health restoration. She has substantial experience dealing with digestive issues, fatigue, weight management, and the impacts of stress on the mind-body complex, particularly in children on the autism spectrum.

Services Offered at Nutrition & Natural Healthcare

Nutrition & Natural Healthcare, led by Cush Reid, offers a holistic range of services as a Naturopath in Wellington. The clinic provides both in-person and online consultations, supporting all age groups with a focus on achieving good energy levels, healthy aging, and enjoyable life through tailored nutritional and lifestyle changes. Cush also encourages integrating BodyTalk sessions into treatment plans for enhanced results.

For those looking for a skilled naturopath or nutritional therapist in Wellington, Cush Reid offers a compassionate, educated approach to improving your health and lifestyle. Reach out today to begin your journey towards better health with a trusted naturopathy expert in the Wellington Region.

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